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Revealed: New videos expose China’s forced migration of Uyghurs during the pandemic

July 2020

Dozens of Chinese TikTok videos show Uyghurs being transported to work in involuntary labor schemes during the Covid-19 outbreak

Copublished in Coda Story, Rappler, Kloop


Under lockdown, LGBTQ Russians were more isolated than ever. Then, the Zoom parties started

June 2020

Online queer gatherings offer a virtual escape from Putin’s suffocating traditional values

Copublished with Coda Story and The Advocate in partnership with Magnum Photos


Inside the anti-vaccine campaign that targets young women

June, 2020

Viewing girls as innocent victims of a big pharma conspiracy or at risk of promiscuity, the movement is endangering the health of all women

Published with Coda Story 

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Politicians are wearing ‘virus blockers’ to protect themselves from Covid-19. Problem is, they don’t work

May 2020

Anti-coronavirus badges offer virtually no defense against the disease

Published with Coda Story

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The campaign to promote a mysterious Soviet-era drug as a coronavirus miracle cure

April 2020

A viral Facebook video has fuelled interest in Arbidol, one of Russia’s most popular over-the-counter flu medicines, as a COVID-19 treatment

Published with Coda Story

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A US-funded lab in Tbilisi, Georgia fights COVID-19 — and Russian disinformation

 March 2020

Once a frequent target for Moscow’s propaganda machine, conspiracy theories about the lab are falling flat

Published with Coda Story 


After Soleimani’s death, Instagram shuts down Iranian accounts

January 2020

News agencies, human rights activists and influencers have had their accounts deactivated.


The Londoners using face paint to trick facial recognition

January 2020

A group of Londoners defy security cameras by walking through the city in surreal face paint

Published with Coda Story


Moscow's 'smart city' program is going global

October 2019

A four-day tech conference in Yerevan featured star speakers, including Kim Kardashian West and the founder of Reddit. It also raised questions about Moscow’s growing use of surveillance technology

Published with Coda Story

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How TikTok opened a window into China’s police state

Setember 2019

Copublished with WIRED, WIRED Japan, Coda Story & Rappler


Decoding China’s claims about Uyghur identity

July, 2019

A new government white paper says Islam was introduced to Uyghur culture by force. Scholars and activists say the claims mark an attempt to rewrite history.

Copublished with Coda Story and Rappler


The Uyghur Women Fighting China's Surveillance State

May 2019

Xinjiang, northwest China, is in a state of surveillance lockdown. One million ethnic Uyghurs are now in concentration camps. Every message, word and movement is monitored for its extremist potential. But in Istanbul, 3000 miles away, a community of Uyghur women who have escaped a life of repression are fighting back – via smartphone.

Copublished with Coda Story and WIRED

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How Russian Bots Amplify Britain’s Jacob Rees-Mogg

February 2019

The Curious Case of the Moggster and the Russians. Last week, hard-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg plugged Turning Point, inadvertently aligning his output with the Kremlin Troll Farm, who also regurgitate their videos. Another bot trend? #Moggmentum

Copublished with Coda Story and the Byline Times 

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The Transgender Conservatives Who Are Sticking With Trump

May 2018

As President Trump battles with federal judges over his desire to ban trans people from the military, a group of devoted trans supporters are standing firm behind him.

Published in The Daily Beast


Running with an Edge

January, 2020

Brent Frissora runs 90 miles a week. Last year, he dropped out of the NYC marathon when he wasn't going as fast as he wanted. He reflects on a life of dedication in the sub-elite category

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