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February 2020

Surveillance in Delhi's schools

In a bid to boost classroom discipline, Delhi is installing 150,000 cameras in government-run schools across the city.

February 2020

Are cameras in schools changing how kids learn?

Coda explores how surveillance cameras in schools impacts education across the world in an interview with Alex Beard.

March 2020

The War on Science: How disinformation affects policy, health and climate

Mistrust of our governments, our institutions, and each other is leading us to a crisis of reason and war on science.

July 2019

On Sale in London: the Surveillance Systems Advancing Authoritarianism

Each year, 500 tech companies come to London to exhibit at a security fair called IFSEC. Some of them have deep ties to authoritarian practices.

May 2019

A Woman's Life Inside China's Digital Gulag

Gulbahar Jalilova, a citizen of Kazakhstan, spent fifteen months in one of China's concentration camps for ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. She tells the story of life in Chinese detention and the women she met there.

May 2019

Recruited Into China's Police State

A young woman tells the story of growing up with her brother, who is drafted into the police force in Xinjiang, China. Muyesser and her brother are Uyghur, a Muslim minority persecuted by the Chinese government. Muyesser watches as her brother is forced to detain his own people and her home city is transformed into a gridlock of surveillance and control.

October 2018

Dana Rohrabacher Defends Himself — and Putin — in Battle to Keep His House Seat

How a Republican Cold War hawk went from fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan to fighting the Kremlin’s critics in Congress.

June 2018

Russian LGBT refugees face Soviet-era hostility in Brighton Beach

As the second annual Brighton Beach Pride approaches, we follow two young Russian-speaking LGBT New Yorkers trying to live their life away from long-held hostility in their community

March 2018

A Latino community is displaced

In Washington Heights, the Galicia restaurant is a hub for the local Dominican community. But it faces closure, and residents feel they have nowhere left to go.

October, 2022

The Colombian Soapstar trying to break america

On the streets of Bogotá, Sebastián Ospina gets stopped for autographs and selfies. On the streets of New York City, nobody knows his name.

January, 2020

The Columbia Republicans

The Columbia Republicans have been at the heart of the free speech furore on New York City campuses. They've been targeted by antifa for inviting openly Islamophobic speakers to their club. They talk Trump, no-platforming, Mike Cernovich and White Nationalism.

June, 2023

Running with an Edge

Brent Frissora runs 90 miles a week. Last year, he dropped out of the NYC marathon when he wasn't going as fast as he wanted. He reflects on a life of dedication in the sub-elite category.

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