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Audio/Liveshow: Work
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March 2021

PANOPTICON: a virtual live storytelling event

Coda Live: Panopticon is an online live storytelling event, which brought together stories on surveillance and facial recognition from around the world.

 People who have personally been affected told their stories and Coda journalists brought them to life with art, music and conversation. The event featured a moderated discussion with people from all over the world who’ve lived under surveillance. The event was hosted and produced by Coda journalists Isobel Cockerell and Alexandra Tyan.


June, 2019


On a humid Tbilisi evening in June, Coda Story had its first ever live journalism show – in the courtyard of a former Soviet printing press. The show had a distinct theme, looking at Russian disinformation from all angles. The atmosphere was electric, and we were struck by the intensity of the audience’s engagement and response.

Our four journalists told stories that were at times highly challenging, dealing with difficult and complex material - such as a story of a family destroyed by Flight MH17 crash, and the onslaught of disinformation that followed. The show also interrogated themes of war, displacement, identity, migration, propaganda and censorship. But it mixed dark with light, sadness with humor. We also showed the audience the delights of dancing grandmothers, rugby stardom, club hits, nineties pop stars and ukuleles. 

Coda Live was produced by me, Isobel Cockerell, with assistant production from Luka Gviniashvili and Alexandra Tyan. Our executive producers were Natalia Antelava and Thomas Burns. Our animators were Gogi Kamushadze and Sofiya Voznaya. Our four journalists were Anna Holligan, Matthew Janney, Giorgi Lomsadze and Darya Tarasova. 


September 2018

The City podcast, Usa today

I spent the summer working on production for this investigative documentary podcast. Season 1 begins in Chicago, 1990. Winter is turning into spring, and in Chicago, that means construction season. After years of disinvestment, highways are rebuilt, old buildings demolished, new skyscrapers erected. All that rubble has to go somewhere, and its destination isn’t a landfill—it’s a pair of vacant lots in a black, working-class neighborhood called North Lawndale. The man behind this operation is a white guy sporting a Cosby sweater and underworld connections. What follows is a tour de force through Chicago’s underbelly: Aldermen get indicted. An FBI investigation goes awry. A community’s resilience is tested—all unfolding under the spectre of racism in America.

Carribbean Baseball Academy .jpg

March 2018

The Carribbean Baseball Academy

Baseball saved Tony Cruz’s life. And now he’s trying to keep Dominican kids off the street in Newark by teaching them how to pitch. But life in Newark is tough, and he can’t always keep them safe.


February 2018

Old Timers

Brian Moran is an old timer. He's lived in New York all his life. But he doesn't recognize the city any more.


August, 2017

Dying Breeds: Fishing in Brooklyn with the Nardiello Brothers

In Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay, the Ocean Eagle V sets off every morning for a day on the water. It brings home c the bounties of the New York Harbor that swim around in the old subway cars of the the deep. But as the bay is bought up by rich Russian landlords, Glenn and Greg's future hangs in the balance.

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